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10 Amazing Movie Quotes

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Amazing Movie Quotes

10 Amazing Movie Quotes

  • “It was the kind of scream that would be in a horror movie right before someone got chopped up into little bitty pieces.”
    Missy Lyons, Alien Promise
  • “I’d stopped breathing and everything about that moment was like stumbling into a 3-D movie after living a 2-D life.”
    Karen Tayleur, Love Notes From Vinegar House
  • “Life is better than any movie or TV show. In real life there is no plot and there are billions of characters.”
    Marc Pamittan
  • “Time passed at an accelerated pace. They could be sitting in traffic or talking on the phone or waiting in line for a movie, and their time felt precious, important, worthwhile.”
    Galt Niederhoffer, The Romantics
  • “When you write a movie, you have a hundred collaborators. But when you write a novel, it’s yours.”
    Sidney Sheldon
  • “You can not go back. That’s why it’s hard to choose. You have to make the right choice. As long, as you don’t choose, everything remains possible.”
    Jaco Van Dormael, Mr. Nobody
  • “A movie that gets closer to the life’s reality of the society finds always more words of mouth publicity in entirety.”
    Testy McTesterson
  • “We create our own enemies”
    Iron man 3
  • “Theory is like a book.
    It’s full of meaningless words, a few want to read it and where stays the movie.”
    Tim Goossens
  • “The problem is we are not eating food anymore, we are eating food like products. (Hungry For Change Film)”
    Alejandro Junger
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