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Historical Place Bhambore

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Bhambore (also called Banbhore) is situated at the distance of 64 km east of Karachi, in Hyderabad District of Sindh. It is located on the north bank of the Gharo Creek near Indian Ocean coast in Pakistan. It is one of many ancient and historical places in Pakistan.

History of Ancient Bhambore

Banbhore or Bhambore, is an ancient city dating to the 1st century BC located in Sindh, Pakistan. The city ruins lie on the N-5 National Highway, east of Karachi. It dates back to the Scytho-Parthian era and was later controlled by Muslims from the 8th to the 13th century, after which it was abandoned.

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It is a more than 2100 years old city. It was the capital of a chief Bamboo Raja around the 10th century and was named after him. Archeological work shows the impact of the first century to the thirteenth century which includes three distinct periods Scytho-Parthian, Hindu-Buddhist and early Islamic.

When Muhammad Bin Qasim invaded the sub-continent he entered through this city of Bhambore. Some scholars identify it with Debal, the port which Muhammad Bin Qasim used to enter the sub-continent. The first mosque of Southeast Asia was built in this period. It is also associated with the famous romantic folklore of Sassi and Punnu. Saasi belong to Bhambore city.

There is a museum in Bhambore which holds the specimens of the Age-old civilization. By entering into the museum we realize that it was a civilized and well planned city. There are the excavations of the first mosque of Southeast Asia. There are other worship places too including temples which show the signs of pre-Islamic civilization with the Islamic. The marketplaces, road networking and the drainage systems show the high level of intelligence of those people. Bhambore gave our museums a strong archeological heritage.

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