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Kenya: Atwoli Takes On FKE Boss Over Minimum Wage

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Nairobi — He’s not a man known to walk on eggshells in his public addresses and Sunday was no different when he ruffled not only the feathers of the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) Executive Director Jacqueline Mugo but those of the political class as well.

Francis Atwoli, the long-serving Secretary General of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU), started off his Labour Day speech by urging companies not to outsource services, describing it as a modern day form of slavery.

“It’s existing in a state of blissful ignorance but it’s no moral defence to the reality that these people are paid well below market standard, many times late and enjoy no health or retirement benefits,” he said.

That out of the way, he got to the business of letting his members know who, in his opinion, is to blame for the fact that those on minimum wage would be receiving no increment in the coming month.

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