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Woolly mammoths could become a ‘protected species’

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Woolly mammoths could become a ‘protected species’ 4,000 years after going extinct in a bid to stop the illegal trading of elephant tusks..

  • Trading of woolly mammoth ivory is legal, whereas elephant ivory is not
  • Confusion over the two could lead to increase in illegal ivory selling
  • Tonnes of mammoth ivory found after permafrost melted in the tundra

It may have become extinct for 4,000 years, but the woolly mammoth could be about to get the highest level of wildlife protection.

The move has been made after a huge number of ivory tusks were discovered in the Siberian tundra – with fears that it could link to an increase in illegal elephant ivory trading.

Due to rapid climate change, the permafrost has melted revealing tons of ivory, which could be collected and traded.

It is believed the move, set to be debated in South Africa next month at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) conference, could actually limit the trading of elephant ivory.

Dealing in elephant ivory is illegal, but trading in mammoth ivory is not, and confusion between the two could lead to a surge in illegal sales.

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